2.5 in Wide Japan Tooth Multi Tool Blades

2.5 in Wide Japan Tooth Multi Tool Blades

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2 ½” Width

1 5/8” Cutting Depth

Applications: Deep plunges in wood, particle board, plywood, fiberglass, plexiglass and plastics

Best known for cutting wood FAST

These days we are all hearing a lot of talk about hybrids (hybrid cars, that is).  People love the idea of hybrids because they represent the concept of getting “the best of both worlds.”  That is certainly the case with this blade, which is a combination of our 2.5 inch wide blade and our Japan Tooth “Wood Eater” blade.  This blade is great for cutting a large amount of material down very quickly, like 2 x 4’s, drywall, plaster, and lath.  This blade and our “Nail Eater” blade are all you need to demo just about anything, but you can also use this blade for typical construction use, cutting materials to size with precision.