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  • 7 Quick Essentials About Oscillating Tools

    Planning to buy an oscillating tool for small handyman tasks around the house? Then here are some tips that will help you make the right choice and enhance the productivity of your power tool by making it a multi-purpose gadget with use of replacement Fein multimaster blades.

  • 6 Quick Tips on Using Replacement Fein Multi-Master Blades

    Known as the boss of all hand-held power tools, the Fein Multi-master has retained its reputation as a multi-purpose tool for handymen for several decades.

  • 5 DIY Home Improvement Tasks You Can Do With Oscillating Tools

    The versatile oscillating tool may be a handyman’s best friend for his trade, but if you are the kind that prefers to carry out small home improvement tasks personally, then this tool can become your favorite go-to gadget.

  • 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Oscillating Tools

    From knowing the difference between round and straight blades to picking the right accessories, here are a few things you should know about oscillating tools.

  • Sharpening Your Oscillating Tool Blades - Slideshow

    With its incredible versatility and endless options of accessories, the oscillating multi-tool has quickly become a ‘go-to’ for professional craftsmen and household handymen alike. While these tiny tools certainly pack quite the punch, they’re all but useless without their high-quality blade attachments. Follow along as we explore the secrets to keeping your tools sharp, helping you complete even the toughest jobs with ease and precision like never before.

  • 4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Oscillating Tool Blades

    The oscillating multi-tool is the favorite power tool of a great many handymen and homeowners around the country, and with good reason. Few power tools have the versatility to accomplish the many diverse tasks that a multi-tool is capable of, nor can most tools operate in the tight quarters that a multi-tool routinely manages.

  • Using an Oscillating Multi-Tool for all Sorts of Bathroom Repairs

    An oscillating multi-tool is well-known for its versatility. Often used in carpentry because a sharp blade can make for accurate cuts in very small spaces, multi-tools are also very useful in other rooms in the house as well. Because of the ease you can change the multi-tool’s blade, here are a number of ways that an oscillating multi-tool can make doing work in the bathroom a lot easier.

  • Common Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades and Their Applications – Infographic

    Featuring a sleek design and incredible versatility, the oscillating multi-tool is quickly flying off the shelves and becoming a favorite among household handymen and professional repairmen alike. Being able to do almost any job with the switch of a blade, it’s no wonder why these oscillating multi-tools are dominating the market.

  • Easy Baseboard Trimming with an Oscillating Multi-Tool

    Trimming household baseboard can be a difficult task for anyone, from do-it-yourselfers up to skilled craftsmen. This is especially true if you remove the baseboard – trimming in place calls for greater care and precision so as not to damage anything else in the structure of the wall. Baseboard often needs to be trimmed during installation so as to achieve a good snug fit with the wall, but the difficulty comes in when you have to avoid damage to the work area.

  • Finding the Right Tool for the Job

    When you’re working on any job, it’s important to use the tool that best suits the task. Using an inappropriately-matched implement could waste time and money, as well as cause damage to your equipment or work area. You could even harm yourself or others if you don’t use the right tool, so you should always make sure that the tool you’re utilizing for a task is the best one to use. The following tips may help you to choose the tool you should be using.

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