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  • Adding Versatility to Your Tool Belt With an Oscillating Multi Tool

    Adding an oscillating multi-tool to your tool belt will add versatility to your skill set - and your toolkit. With a full set of replacement blades and accessories, you can complete a wide variety of projects using just this one tool. This is one of the reasons oscillating multi-tools have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the right attachment for your multi-tool, you can cut, sand, grind, drill, scrape, and polish. 

  • Uses for a Flush Scraper Multi Tool Blade

    Any professional handyman or committed homeowner who has owned an oscillating multi-tool is aware of its tremendous versatility. With so many different attachments, it facilitates in-home repairs better than any other single piece of equipment. You can easily find and add precisely what you need to get the job done; consider, for example, the flush scraper blade and the precision with which it can complete jobs around the house that involve a surface.

  • Must Have Accessories to Make the Most of Your Oscillating Multi-Tool

    In a short period of time, the oscillating multi-tool has become the handyman’s tool of choice for tasks all throughout the home. Thanks in part to its tremendous versatility through various replacement blades and attachments, the tool can be used on almost any job to help you complete tasks with ease and precision like never before. No matter how tight the quarters or how inaccessible the space may seem, the oscillating multi-tool continues to help make the grade with each and every use. Say goodbye to those awkward and tedious jobs with the help from the oscillating tool replacement blades and accessories fit for any of your project needs.

  • Grinding, Scraping and Sanding with an Oscillating Tool

    For the handyman around the house, an oscillating tool is the one indispensable component in your toolkit that can handle jobs in very tight quarters and simplify many tough household tasks. Oscillating tools are commonly referred to as multi-tools, which gives you an idea about their functional versatility. They can seemingly be used for anything, but they're expertise lies in sawing, sanding, grinding, scraping, cutting, and polishing. Below we'll discuss how the oscillating tool can accomplish these specific tasks.

  • Avoiding Blade Wear-and-Tear

    Oscillating tools can be convenient, but they can also be expensive. If you are lucky enough to own one of these tools, you probably try your best to keep it in good condition. One of the first parts of an oscillating tool that can start to break down and show wear and tear is the blade. By taking care of the blade properly, you can avoid wear and tear and help make the oscillation tool last longer.

  • Uncommon Ways to Get the Most From Your Oscillating Multi-Tool

    Everyone uses tools to help them with daily tasks. You probably have a tool box or tool bag at home, in your car or in your garage. How much did you pay for all of those tools? Have you ever wished for one tool that could do numerous tasks? An oscillating multi-tool can do just that. The tool can be used to cut metal, woods and is a convenient necessity for any home. So just what can you do with a oscillating multi-tool?

  • Cutting Metal with an Oscillating Multi-Tool

    Several years ago, carbide-tipped blades were only used by professionals in jobs that required metal cutting. For instance, plumbers have often had to use a carbide-tipped oscillating multi-tool to cut off stubborn rusted nuts that refuses to come off with a wrench, or they've had to saw something off under the sink deck, where there's simply no room to maneuver. With a quality blade and an oscillating tool, some amazing tasks could be done - but only by professionals.

  • 5 Essential Oscillating Tool Blades

    An oscillating tool is an ideal tool to have available. You can use it for a wide range of projects, from getting rid of grout to removing paint to smoothing surfaces. To achieve the best results on any project, you’ll want to be sure you are using the right attachment for the job. The following are five essential oscillating tool blades that you might use for a broad array of tasks.

  • How To Remove Grout With an Oscillating Multi-Tool

    Extraneous grout can ruin the appearance of a newly tiled bathroom, or in the case of a tile cleaning can make tile work look old and faded. There are a few different ways to remove ugly grout from your bathroom project, but most are time-consuming and difficult to work with. Without a doubt, the best way to remove extraneous grout from your tile project is an oscillating multi-tool. Oscillating multi-tools often have a variety of different ways to make grout removal easy and painless. Once you've decided on the right multi-tool for you, the next step is to approach your project with the right extension and get rid of that grout from your project.

  • Staying Safe While Using an Oscillating Multi-Tool

    An oscillating multi-use tool can be used for a wide variety of personal and commercial projects. However, using this type of tool in the safest manner possible is critical. If you fail to implement basic security measures, you could be putting yourself and those around you at risk of injury. Always be sure to consult the instruction manual (if you’re at home) or the safety information provided by your employer (if you’re at work).   

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