Rockwell Sonicrafter

Rockwell Sonicrafter Multi Tool Blades

Rockwell has earned a heck of a reputation for excellence, and they deserve it. The Rockwell Sonicrafter Multi Tool may be their greatest invention yet, a powerful tool with a huge range of options that would have been unimaginable twenty or so years ago. Rockwell Sonicrafter Multi Tool blades cover a gigantic range of uses, replacing a couple of tool boxes worth of different saws, knives, scrapers, grinders, and other tools. These blades can work on plywood, plastics, plexiglass, particle board, greenboard, backer board, drywall, copper pipe, pvc pipe, carpet, leather, fiberglass, nails, screws, stone, concrete, all types of wood, and dozens of other materials, always offering precision.

Yes, Rockwell’s Sonicrafter multi tool is a thing of beauty, but it always needs more blades. Those clever, versatile blades don’t last forever, so they will need to be replaced by new blades of high quality. That’s where we come in. We offer the best aftermarket, off-brand replacements for Rockwell Multi Tool blades, always at incredibly cheap prices. You can find the full range of blades for cutting, sculpting, scoring, scraping, sawing, and trimming a huge range of materials. Whether you are creating delicate box joints for a keepsake box, cutting in electrical boxes for new construction, or ripping out old plumbing to install a new bathroom, your Rockwell Sonicrafter multi tool is sure to be a reliable workhorse of a machine. As long as you put the right blades in it, you will not be disappointed. You can be sure that our beastly blades can tackle just about anything the job site may have to throw at them, and growl for more. Once you harness their power, you will not want to work without them.